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17.04.17 East Kent with West Street at Aldington (Pointing South East)

17.04.17 North Cotswold Point-to-Point at Paxford (PointingWM)

17.04.17 Old Berks at Lockinge (Andrew Norman)

17.04.17 South Notts at Thorpe Lodge (Midlands Pointing)

17.04.17 South Pembrokeshire at Lydstep (Maria Evans)

17.04.17 South Shropshire at Eyton-on-Severn (Rory Alkin)

17.04.17 Staintondale at Charm Park (Caroline Smith & Will Milburn)

17.04.17 Taunton Vale Foxhounds and Harriers at Kingston St Mary (Kirstin Boutflower)

17.04.17 Vine & Craven at Hackwood Park (Jake Exelby)

16.04.17 Cleveland at Witton Castle (Caroline Smith & Will Milburn)

16.04.17 Cotswold Vale Farmers at Andoversford (PointingWM)

15.04.17 Ashford Valley Tickham at Charing (Pointing South East)

15.04.17 Essex & Suffolk at Higham (The Pub Team)

15.04.17 Kimblewick at Kimble (Russell Smith)

15.04.17 Llangeinor & Pentrych at Pyle (Brian Lee)

15.04.17 North Staffordshire at Sandon (Rory Alkin)

15.04.17 Seavington at Littlewindsor (Bob Bracher)

15.04.17 Woodland Pytchley at Dingley (Midlands Pointing)

15.04.17 Worcestershire at Chaddesley Corbett (PointingWM)

Preview of the 2016/17 Northern Area Point-to-Point Season (Peter Burgon)

Preview of the 2016/17 Wessex Area Point-to-Point Season - Part One

Preview of the 2016/17 Wessex Area Point-to-Point Season - Part Two

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