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26.03.17 Mendip Farmers at Ston Easton (Bob Bracher)

25.03.17 Badsworth & Bramham Moor at Askham Bryan (Caroline Smith & Will Milburn)

25.03.17 Glamorgan at Ystradowen (Brian Lee)

25.03.17 Lanarkshire & Renfrewshire at Overton Farm (Peter Burgon)

25.03.17 VWH at Siddington (Russell Smith)

25.03.17 Wilton at Milborne St Andrew (Bob Bracher)

05.03.17 Derwent at Charm Park (Caroline Smith & Will Milburn)

05.03.17 Mid Devon Foxhounds at Black Forest Lodge (Granville Taylor)

05.03.17 New Forest at Larkhill (Bob Bracher)

04.03.17 Kingston Blount Racing Club at Kingston Blount (Andrew Norman)

26.02.17 Countryside Alliance Club (Wessex) at Badbury Rings (Bob Bracher)

26.02.17 East Cornwall at Great Trethew (Granville Taylor)

26.02.17 Tynedale at Corbridge (Peter Burgon)

26.02.17 West of Yore at Askham Bryan College (Caroline Smith & Will Milburn)

19.02.17 Combined Services at Larkhill (Bob Bracher)

19.02.17 Curre & Llangibby at Howick (Brian Lee)

19.02.17 Sir W.W Wynn's at Bangor-on-Dee (Rory Alkin)

19.02.17 South Pool Harriers at Buckfastleigh (Granville Taylor)

12.02.17 Sinnington at Duncombe Park (Caroline Smith & Will Milburn)

12.02.17 Vine & Craven at Barbury Racecourse (Mark Pugh)

05.02.17 Percy at Alnwick (Peter Burgon)

05.02.17 South Dorset at Milborne St Andrew (Bob Bracher)

05.02.17 Western at Wadebridge (Granville Taylor)

29.01.17 Heythrop Hunt Club at Cocklebarrow (Russell Smith)

29.01.17 Tiverton at Chipley Park (Granville Taylor)

28.01.17 Royal Artillery at Larkhill (Bob Bracher)

22.01.17 Jedforest at Friars Haugh (Peter Burgon)

22.01.17 Silverton Foxhounds at Black Forest Lodge (Granville Taylor)

15.01.17 Yorkshire Area Point-to-Point Club at Sheriff Hutton (Caroline Smith & Will Milburn)

14.01.17 Barbury International Racing Club at Barbury Racecourse (Jake Exelby)

08.01.17 Larkhill Racing Club at Larkhill (Bob Bracher)

08.01.17 North Cornwall at Wadebridge (Granville Taylor)

08.01.17 West Percy at Alnwick (Peter Burgon)

11.12.16 Cornwall Hunt Club at Wadebridge (Granville Taylor)

11.12.16 Hursley Hambledon at Larkhill (Bob Bracher)

11.12.16 Ratcheugh Racing Club at Alnwick (Peter Burgon)

04.12.16 PPORC at Barbury Racecourse (Jake Exelby)

27.06.16 Black Forest Club at Black Forest Lodge (Granville Taylor)

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